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Importing rayfiles and raymeasurement files of leds from. Osram opto semiconductors oslon ssl portfolio provides the ideal illumination for all kinds of horticulture. New, higher performing oslon ssl family led with well known superior robustness, high reliability, long lifetime, low thermal resistance. The oslon family of leds includes the oslon ssl 80 degree, oslon ssl 150 degree and oslon square leds. Oslon ssl leds are contained within small ceramic 3mm x 3mm packages, making them ideal for use in arrays and. The prototype of the oslon pure 1010 gives customers outstanding flexibility in putting together their individual lighting solutions.

It is an ideal match to all highlightquality applications in indoor as well as outdoor environment. First, the new highpower led is more powerful than its predecessor, and second, one oslon square hyper red will replace two oslon ssl leds. Its worldwide certified partners will support you with standard and customized. Oslon ssl 80 leds osram opto semiconductors mouser. Oslon ssl 80 leds feature a ceramicbased package, offering superior corrosion robustness, ideal for the needs for long life applications. Compared to conventional led designs, the cs p leds are downsized to the dimensions of the chip used. Osram assumes no liability of any kind for the loss of data or any other damage resulting from the usage of the provided data.

Osram oslon ssl 150 smdled with 10x10mm pcb, blue, 465nm the blue smd led from osram opto semiconductors oslon ssl 150 series comes with a matching silicone lens on a 10 x 10 mm board. Its our goal to support your application development efficiently. Overview of the oslon ssl and osoln square products. The rest is easy, chose the current you want to drive them. Osram reserves the right to undertake technical changes of the component without further notification which could lead to changes in the provided data. Printed circuit board designs osram opto semiconductors. Discover our powerful performance, small size and long lifetime oslon ssl delivers the high efficacy that is necessary for professional indoor and outdoor lighting. Switching to the new product makes economic sense for customers in two respects. Oslon ssl innovation award osram sylvania homepage.

Silver by providing a wide selection of colors, efficien cies, cri, and viewing angles, the 1w oslon ssl is capable of exceeding the demands of almost any solid state lighting application. Here you find all information about our company and products to download. This led is a more powerful version of the oslon ssl family, which can convince with its typical robustness, high reliability, long service life and low. Using a interlight solution with a mix of oslon ssl and osconiq. The higher performing oslon ssl family led with wellknown superior robustness, high reliability, long lifetime, low thermal resistance. The oslon square hyper red has the same footprint as the existing oslonssl versions so it can be easily used as a replacement. Osram sets new standards in horticulture lighting with. The high power, small footprint and long lifetime of the oslon leds make them ideal for a variety of retrofit, home, shop, office, hospitality, industrial and outdoor applications. Please use the search functions in our product catalog to find the appropriate product information together with the datasheet. Osram at 350ma at 700ma led data ilhon01ulwhsc201 cool white 6000k to 6500k 1.

P 2226 offers good performance and high homogeneity. Oslon ssl white binning oslon ssl leds are available in different color temperatures from warm white 2700k up to cool white 6500k. Osram oslon ssl 150 smdled mit 10x10mm platine, rot, 634nm. Oslon ssl white oslon ssl color oslon ssl white binning oslon ssl led are available in different color temperatures from warm white 2700 k up to cool white 6500 k. This oslon ssl family next generation led provides a wide radiation pattern allowing perfect interaction and various designs including color mixing led clusters. Leds for general lighting ssl osram opto semiconductors. Ssl family new generation led provides a wide radiation pattern. Click here for more information on the oslon family of leds. Osram opto semiconductors fine bin system is based on a threestep macadams ellipse to ensure color consistency in any lighting application. These osram leds are designed for use in residential retrofits and fixtures, task lights, accent lights. Perfectly addressing applications demanding for high efficiency and long lifetime requirement. All information contained in this document has been checked with the. With wavelengths from 450nm to 660nm, and the addition of 730nm far red, these leds provide just the right lighting for all types of plants and flowers by allowing adaption of the light exactly to the needs of various crops. Its low thermal resistance allows this device to be highly efficient even at high driving currents.

Discover our product portfolio, structured into power classes, technology and many more. To achieve the vision for future urban living, choose led components from our broad portfolio. Flexible and efficient designs for professional top lighting, inter. Here we offer you several services that make your life much easier. On the datasheet you will find the voltage for each of these currents, you finally need to multiply by the number of led you have for this color, add all colors and you have the max. Datasheet oslon powerstars employ high bright leds from.

Led light emitting diodes led for general lighting. Oslon ssl leds osram opto semiconductors mouser europe. Ray files of our leds for optical simulation electrical simulation models to ensure safe driving of the leds cad files of our leds to assure a save and easy system design. Oslon ssl led are available in different color temperatures from warm white 2700 k up to cool white 6500 k. The standard shipping format for serial types includes either a lower family group, an upper family group or a grouping of all individual. The ceramic based package with its superior corrosion robustness addresses perfectly the needs for long lifetime applications.

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