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We provide critical, realtime information for monitoring drilling and rig operations. Mainlog sets itself apart from other mudlogging software in that it plots all incoming data directly to the mudlog, including, rop, hotwire and chromatograph gases, co2, mwd. Geologistmud logging technician with at least 1 year. Stivers consulting mud logging mud logging support pages. Update your software that should actually open compressed mud log s. Mainlog software for mudloggers written by mudloggers. The mlogger series gas detector is a digital gas detection system. We are geotech logging services, llc, owned and operated by a geologist. The data is stored in an industry standard commadelimited form for compatibility with well sight systems, mainlog and all other mud logging software via las and xls files. This process includes daily mud logs, email reports, and analyzing and cataloging of samples. The precision mgds gas detector chromatograph is the premiere gas system for the mud logging industry. Mud logging software the mainlog program has always been our best tool for drawing an accurate log and much more.

To download thermofisher xrf software ndt setup click here. Our people and technology are what truly separate us from our peers. Computerized mudlogging service, llc your number one choice. Logit mud logging software, surface logging data processing software. We listen to, and work with loggers to incorporate many of these ideas to. Terra slss products are based on decades of experience and hardened in the field for reliability and repeatability in gas detection, instrumentation, and software design. A new column has been added to show percent cuttings. The simplicity of the precision design combined with the technology of todays modern electronics makes it reliable as well as easy to operate and maintain. Tds proudly offers the following mud logging services. System requirements voltage 120 vac 60 cycles dry compressed air 20 to 40 psi dimensions width 19 inch. Our approach to mud logging is a unique blend of experience and innovation. Patriot limited services offers mudlogging, geosteering and directional drilling. The practical sessions will utilize the mud logging unit, acquisition sensors and sample analysis equipment, geological laboratory, and rig based training. You can download the mainlog software by clicking on one of the links below.

To download mainlog office viewer, click the downloads link on their website at. The trugas system is ready to be tied in with a computer system of your choice and we recommend the mainlog 1 logging software for your mud logging system and can provide you a turnkey system for you consisting of the trugas system, a complete computer system, mainlog 1 software with all interfacing. The ability to edit data and display it in meaningful form is what distinguishes a logging instrument from a simple rigbased gas detector. Designed to integrate with popular mud logging software, including mainlog software. Depending upon operator requirements, fgs can geonavigate utilizing various software suites such as excel, ses, welldirect, latnav. Data is stored locally in the bloodhound, at the server system, and in the connected computer. Construction of both vertical and horizontal mud logs using well sight mud logging software. It provides full plugin support, python scripting with complex pattern matching, tabbed window usage, mud listing support, character saving with notes and database support, mccp. Mud logging services alphatech geological services llc. To download dropbox file sharing software, click the install link on their website at.

Mud logging reports raw data interpreted and edited by a professional geologist. The red box tgc will detect total gas and has a built in chromatograph, and our most advanced mlogger, the yellow box tgcc, includes co2 detection along with total gas and a. The usgi 5 mud logging air motor gas trap is specially designed to fit into the mongoose style possum belly with its 5 inch size. Diversified well loggings offshore units are climate controlled, skid mounted and designed to accommodate all equipment necessary to perform the required formation evaluation services. Computerized mudlogging service, llc your number one.

Without proper software you will receive a windows message how do you want to open this file. Mark phillips mud logging, oil and gas industry, oil and. Geospect software is the nerve center of the geospect mudlogging system. Mainlog is fast becoming the geologists favorite format for log data. We look forward to providing you the highest caliber of service and support. We offer a variety of hardware, software, and communication packages that are customizable to suit your needs. Both plotting packages are easily customizable with client preferences. In this process, small pieces of rock or other sediment and the mud that surround it are brought to the surface of a borehole by drilling.

All logs created contain monitored drilling parameters, formation gas readings, and sample analysis then compiled centrally on mainlog surface logging software. With many ways to purchase our software, from monthly subscriptions to nonexpiring licenses with no annual subscription, we at hmg software are committed to highquality, featurerich, logging software. Since our founding in 1996, cms has grown from 1 selfcontained logging unit to 12 functional, selfcontained units which serve as the information hub for our client company representatives and geologists. Development of mud logging software was initiated by an extensive survey on platforms present in the market and extraction of their advantages and disadvantages.

Technical support included piece of mind at no additional cost. Stivers consulting mud logging mud logging companies home. Mudlogginglabgeosteering mud logging, labs, geosteering. Datalog geological services hydrocarbon log plotting software offers a full range of customizable. One attachment three logs four if horizontal export to las or pdf format. Based on the knowledge and expertise of mtc specialists, it was then natively designed. Hydrocarbon well logging is the business that datalog geological services has been in since its inception. Detailed cuttings analysis and gas detection can be expanded to include reservoir evaluation services that reduce the guesswork inherent in drilling and completing oil and gas wells, and drilling optimization services that minimize unexpected events and wellsite risk. Its menu driven screens are as powerful as they are user friendly. Mud logging rapid analyses of well gases with an agilent. Contact gisler brothers logging since 1975 gisler brothers has been centrally located in runge karnes county, texas. Started in 1975, gisler brothers logging has strived to build a reputation based on hard work, communication, attention to detail, and safety.

These logs span several pages and do not have any page breaks. Mainlog is a fullfeatured windows mudlogging program that will save you time and money while improving the accuracy and quality of your finished log. The red box tgc will detect total gas and has a built in chromatograph. Mud logging units operates on advanced windows based software possessing following important features. Please call 4057498601 or email for a bid on your upcoming projects. Real time data acquisition, monitoring and recording of parameters like rate of penetration, depth tracking, weight on bit, weight on hook, pump strokes, stand pipe pressure, rotary torque, rotary rpm, pit levels, mud weight, mud flow, total. Our mud logs are compiled using mainlog software, the most powerful and versatile mud logging software available. With a linear response from 1% to 100% methane, the mlogger is the most accurate portable rental mudlogging instrument in the industry. Mainlog has been in production since 1995 and is used in most oil fields in the continental united states. Weve developed a wellsite process on which our loggers are trained extensively. The most critical component is the drilling fluid drilling mud, which, in addition to its role in drilling mechanics, carries most of the information from the formation up to the surface where it is acquired. This interactive program uses both vertical and horizontal graphical displays of data to give the geologists and engineers the ability to utilize custom data tracks and gas ratios, among other tools, to evaluate the well bore. Windows 10 or windows cannot open this file windows.

The course will provide participants with a clear understanding of the primary objective of mud logging services, which is the surface measurement of drilling parameters, gas data, and. Look for oil shows and conduct cutting procedures on samples. Specifically designed for well site gas detection, and with the mud logger in mind. Mainlog software is windows based and logs can be viewed through a pdf file or an interactive. The three models begin with the blue box tg which detects total gas only. Construction of both vertical and horizontal mud logs using mainlog mud logging software. Development of mudlogging software was initiated by an extensive survey on platforms present in the market and extraction of their advantages and disadvantages.

The software is one of the most widely used field mud logging programs, providing a fully automated system for gathering data and computer assisted log drawing. Mud logging, or hydrocarbon well logging, is the process by which well owners obtain information about the lithology and fluid content of their well. In the mid 90s dave fuller called on john with his new software and discovery became one of mainlog s first users. Mlogger with a linear response from 1% to 100% methane, the mlogger is the most accurate portable rental mudlogging instrument in the industry. Some of the advantages to mainlog are listed below. Learn more about bloodhound remote sample collection.

They are usually printed on tracker feed printers and are used for geophysical and mud logging applications. We will do everything it takes to help you get up and running with the precision unit. About gisler brothers logging gisler brothers logging offers a high quality computer generated mudlog and exceptionally dedicated customer service from all employees. Bitmaps can now be imported in jpeg format, as well as bmp format.

In the 36 years since we first opened our doors, stivers consulting, inc. Gained knowledge in some of the latest geosteering and mud logging software and equipment including ses, geodraft, mainlog, 8800 gas analyzer. For more information about rockware software, you may visit their website at. This bid letter is submitted for the next well you are drilling. The mainlog program has always been our best tool for drawing an accurate log and much more. We are a midsized mud logging and gas detection service company serving texas for over 20 years. Hmg software llc was established to create quality software products for the wellsite geologist that are both welldesigned and affordable. This program is a free opensource client for online text game muds. This person can do the data recording, importing etc.

This does not include the post, jack stand, and frame. Mlogger gas detection provides proven ccd and tcd technology combined with a suite of logging and lagging software that can solve any of your mudlogging needs. Our operations have extended to west texas with a field office located in stanton martin county texas. Toledo mudlogging basic computerized two man conventional mud logging. Regardless of how large or small the rig, how high tech or low tech the operation, we have the tools to fit the job and deliver the highest quality readings and samples. The ability to wits data from the mainlog program to pason and other drilling recorders has proved to be very helpful. The importance of mud logging neil cardy, baker hughes mud logging is vital for rig safety and gives the first indication of the potential success of a well, but its role is not well known or understood, especially by people outside drilling operations. Geologistmud logging technician in carlsbad, united states. Mainlog is very responsive in working with gbl to meet our clients requests. We include numerous features and requirements of logging companies with specific needs in the regional areas they work. While others were laying off personnel, we were hiring. Rig up and down unitsetup and install equipmentcatching, washing, and bagging 40.

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