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Five endings are available based on the characters alignment. Silent hill 1 was confirmed as good ending by ito on twitter. Book of memories is a lot like the town of silent hill, in that your experience with it depends on what you bring in, emotionally. Xbox 360 users will also receive an achievement and 50 points for each ending. The levels arent vast, so a 15minute train ride ends with results. Book of memories is a 2012 dungeon crawler video game developed by wayforward technologies and published by konami. Downpour, the eighth game in konamis silent hill franchise, follows the story of prison inmate murphy pendleton and his visit to the best vacation town that satan ever built during a routine transfer to a new prison, the bus transporting murphy crashes, which leaves him a free man. The story sounds as if it was written by a fanfiction writer, and while it isnt anywhere near as bad as dissidia, its still way below the level of imagination that silent hill is known for, and this is pretty evident not only in the fact that all the monsters are pulled straight. Dog tag valtiels reward in zone 19, white feather can be bought in the shop, and channeling stone can be bought in the shop in the zones after 21. I reccomend playing through the game once and seeing what ending you get without trying for one ending. Well in silent hill 2 the game, the main character james receives a letter from his dead wife mary to return to silent hill. Book of memories is today getting a patch, making substantial improvements to the way the game plays. Silent hill had all the potential to be really something.

There are multiple endings and they all reflect the decisions you made and your playstyle. Book of memories isnt a good game, but its one i keep coming back and playing. Shattered memories shattered memories is a nice looking wii game, a nice looking psp game, and a ps2 game that cops a fair bit of flack for being similar to its portable peer. The endings there are a total of five endings in silent hill, but only four can be achieved the first time through the game. Silent hill is a 2006 psychological horror film directed by christophe gans and written by roger avary, gans, and nicolas boukhrief. Book of memories isnt a good game, but its one i keep. If you are playing the xbox version or the greatest hits version, 6. Book of memories has been a controversial release, despised. Although some characters and locations may be familiar to long time fans of the series, shattered memories tells its own story with its own game mechanics in the silent hill universe. The story begins with a strange book that is received and inside that book is your entire life story to this point, everything thats ever happened to you. A bunch of familiar silent hill enemies pointlessly crammed into room after room of the same thing over and over again for 20 hours until you get an ending and then it goes on indefinitely. Pyramid head represents james wish to be punished for mary.

Wayforwards vita title turns the series conventions on their side, trading out slow and tense exploration for fastpaced dungeon crawling. A total of 4 players can play together at any given time. Itos twitter, shwikia, bolmsilent hill franchise is based on centralia. The videotape ending refers to the part after this. Franchise fans will likely long for the silent hill games of years past, which delivered more dramatic pacing, some truly frightening sequences, and took place in extraordinarily creepy settings.

Sure, pyramid head is scary on his own in silent hill 2s context, but book of memories allows you to wander into a room and get flanked by three pyramid head. Not only does the ending cut scene change, but the cut scene before the final boss battle and the credit song will change as well. Next additional info items locations prev silent hill lair homecoming has 5 different endings each of them unlocks a different special costume for alex. The first impressions to book of memories are terrible. Released for the playstation vita, it is a spinoff of the silent hill video game series.

The film is an adaptation of konamis 1999 video game silent hill. Silent hill was a fearful town of fog and bereavement, of radios incessantly crackling with cautionary static. I didnt bother to get any ending, but if your a silent hill fan, the multiple ending factor may keep you hooked. The story begins with a strange book that is received, inside that book is your entire life story to this point, everything thats ever happened to you. How to unlock edit there are several things required to get this ending, most of which have to do with how attentive you are to maria throughout. A look at some of the differences between the wii, ps2. Shattered memories is the seventh installment in the silent hill survival horror series. A series of actions must be completed to assure one of the two good endings, and the essential requirement is to trigger the scene with kaufmann in the motorcycle garage at normans hotel where he is severely pissed and takes the glass vial from. The reason i divide it this way, is because your pi can impact either in a particular manner. Silent hill 2 endings silent hill collection wiki guide. You have to get a dog key in a dog house near rosewater park and and use it in the observation room in the hotel by the end of the game. Book of memories is a silent hill roleplaying spinoff game exclusively. To reach the hidden sixth ending in book of memories, youll need to first hunt.

Once again, the overuse of the vitas touchscreen control system in pointless ways destroys what could have been a pretty good game. Book of memories carries over a system much like the one. The encounter ending refers to the cutscene that takes place in the therapy room, where harry and cheryl finally meet. This fourplayer dungeoncrawler for playstation vita is an odd match for the venerable horror series, but does it work on its own terms. The main character finds a mysterious book waiting for them on their birthday, known as the book of memories.

There is a total of seven dungeons altogether with a different memories for each one. If youre the type of silent hill fan who will point and clap at pyramid head and nurses because you recognize them, then youll enjoy the fan service. Love lost ending be a good guy and devote yourself to finding cheryl, avoid looking at sexual posters andor alcholic drinks. Love psalm silent hill book of memories ost lyrics. Book of memories is a spinoff title of the popular survivalhorror franchise silent hill. Book of memories secret ending guide just push start. The following are all five endings and the requirements to get them. Book of memories is a spinoff of the survival horror series silent hill, developed by wayforward technologies and published by konami for the playstation vita. The ending you get depends on the ratio of the final notes bloodlight you have before entering the final battle and thus how you get 5 normal endings of the game. Book of memories, a playstation vita game that inspires curiosity, to say the least. To say book of memories is different from the main silent hill games would be an understatement. Every silent hill title has been known for having a secret ending and book of memories is no exception. D, pick alcohol related topics and answers when the doctor asks you and lookzoom in at the docs drinks. At the end of the dungeon, due to the players intervention, merrick is either.

As a topdown, multiplayer silent hill, its an oddity among. In pal countries, excluding australia which was delayed a. In silent hill the town that means youre tormented. Silent hill uses a thirdperson view, with realtime rendering of 3d environments. Book of memories has been a controversial release, despised almost from the outset by fans who viewed it as a betrayal of the series, an abandonment of. More like, it would appear that somebody at konami had gotten the memo about 2012 being the official year of the action rpg. With a security officer from the transport on his trail, a desperate murphy tries to escape from. The good ending is really based on the actions of the player in the silent hill resort area alone. The silent hill series, particularly the second installment, frequently utilizes psychology and symbolism. Joke ending before defeating the steel guardian, equip 3 artifacts with no actual effects. The first installment in the silent hill series, the game was released in north america and europe in february 1999 and in japan in march 1999. The game was developed by climax studios and published by konami the nintendo wii version was released december 8th, 2009 in north america, and the playstation 2 and playstation portable versions were released on january 19th, 2010.

The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, faq, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for silent hill. Silent hill shattered memories meeting michelle variations duration. Through the initial 21 stages of the game, at the end of which youll get an ending, theyre structured. It features a playercreated protagonist who receives the titular book on their birthday, which contains their entire life story, and makes changes to it with unforeseen and. Remember when chris said he would go back to silent hill and find out whats really going on.

The fifth ending, the ufo ending can only be achieved in a next fear game and is a joke ending. The joke ending is illustrated in a comic bookstyle format. Be sure to check the i make friends easily, it will help alot. Ranking the entire silent hill series game informer. Silent hill downpour official all ending cutscenes movie 6 hd endings duration. Rather than a straight up survival horror, the game is a topdown action rpg with heavy horror elements. Silent hill book of memories joke ending the joke ending. A look at some of the differences between the wii, ps2, and psp versions of silent hill. It stars radha mitchell, sean bean, laurie holden, deborah kara unger, kim coates, tanya allen, alice krige, and jodelle ferland. The obsidian goblet silent hill historic society in the room with the nearly endless staircase. Now were free silent hill book of memories ost lyrics duration.

Book of memories is a dungeon crawler style survival horror game with rpg elements, set in the silent hill universe, using the psvitas unique touch controls. Introduced in the 2001 installment silent hill 2, he is the main antagonist and he stalks james sunderland, the primary player character, who comes to the town of silent hill after receiving a letter from his deceased wife, mary. Book of memories is the first game to enable multiplayer abilities. Unlike its prequels however, this title is actually an isometric actionrpg much like diablo. Players still control harry mason as he searches the eponymous silent hill town for his daughter cheryl. The book of lost memories texxacon gas station, in a locker near the car with the steel pipe. Alternatively, you could have a silent hill 4 ghost barreling down a hallway at you, causing you to run facefirst into a schism horde. The film follows rose, who takes her adopted daughter, sharon, to the. Book of memories is far from terrible, but its distant from the highs of the series past. He returns to silent hill as the letter requested him to, so he can find his wife or where the letter came from. Book of memories is an allnew game in the silent hill series, with a unique premise and storyline.

The result is a system that has many players of the game baffled. If you just want to chase xp and wail on stuff, silent hill. Book of memories carries over a system much like the one found in shattered memories and combines it with its rpg gameplay. Good indicators are, harry wakes up in the hospital wearing a winter coat with a pink sweater. Shbom offers multiplayer coop play, where up to 4 players can join in. These comics are based on the video game of the same name. Book of memories playstation vita 2012 few of silent hills missteps are as anomalous and loathed as book of memories. Book of memories contains a large amount of puzzles and hands on combat along with the ability to use a magic type attack. While it does abandon its horror roots, book of memories is a very fun game.

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